Anglo Nubian Newsletter - November/December 2020

Brief Note’s from the Chair. I hope everyone is well and wish you all the best for the coming festive season.

We have had the AGM and the new committees first meeting, both via ‘Zoom’ and both very successfully. As we are meeting on Zoom it has meant that committee members from all over the UK were able to attend without leaving their house. Also pleasing was the fact all but one of the Vice-Presidents attended too, their input is always valuable and appreciated. Unfortunately our President couldn’t join us on-line but I’m sure she was with us in spirit.

Gabbie plans to do a bumper issue, Yearly Journal for 2021. However, this can only happen if she has the contributions to make it a bumper issue. She didn’t have enough to print 2020’s. Unfortunately, she didn’t have the awards from Mary, which her mother and Kathryn Whitby-Last are going to sort, thank you both. Please send in articles and herd adverts, if you could let me know you have sent something as well so I am not chasing you up. We will also have photographs from the show of course but will still need more from you, the members.

To compliment the Yearly Journal, you will be pleased to know Kathryn and Yvonne are going to start doing a magazine again. Most likely, two a year and again your contributions are required to make it worthwhile.

I am also pleased to announce I will be retiring as chairman when Kathryn has settled into committee life. We will do a swap and I will be supporting her as best I can as Vice-Chairman. She has already thrown herself into the committee taking on various tasks. I’m sure as with the rest of the committee she will serve you well

Take care and keep safe - Martin


We held the AGM on the 25th October via Zoom . This has proved to be a very good way of meeting safely, and has allowed members from all around the UK to take part from the comfort of their homes. Following the election, our Chairman, Martin Cox, announced the result of the election as follows:- Martin Cox, Erica Churchill, Liz Connor, Jessica Cutler, Gabbi Franklin, Chris Nye, Sam Marshall, Lynne Summers, Kathryn Whitby-Last, Yvonne Hempsall. The new Committee then agreed the following roles:-

Martin Cox – Chairman for 6 months Kathryn Whitby- Last – Vice Chairman to then resume the role of Chairman Chris Nye – Treasurer Yvonne Hempsall – Secretary Web Site – Sam Marshall & Jessica Cutler Membership – Liz Connor Sales & Publicity – Sam Marshall & Jessica Cutler Stud Goat Register – Sam Marshall & Jessica Cutler Show Secretary – Yvonne Hempsall Awards – Maggi Franklin & Kathryn Whitby-Last Winter Milking Competition – Lynne Summers

The Committee have co-opted Gabbie Franklin as Editor of the Yearly Journal

The Committee have agreed that all fully paid members of the Society in 2020 will get free membership for the 2021 year. It is hoped that things may start to return to normal for us all next year.

Further to the results of the International Photographic Competition, I have to advise of an amendment as below, following the kids and goatling class being split.

Class 3 Anglo Nubian Kid 1st Caprabella Amphetamine – Bella Webb 2nd Caprabella Aphrodite – Bella Webb 3rd Awekoola Coral – Katy Smith

Class 3a Anglo Nubian Goatlings 1st Hurstpier Cassia – Ian & Erica Churchill 2nd Caprabella Palace – Bella Webb 3rd Caprabella Eleven – Bella Webb

Champion - Caprabella Amphetamine

Reserve – Hurstpier Cassia

May I take this opportunity to wish you all and your family a happy and peaceful festive time. Hopefully we may be able to resume to a more “normal” life in 2021 with vaccines imminently available.

Keep Safe

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