Anglo Nubian Newsletter -September/October 2020

Starting this issue of the Newsletter with a message from our Chairman – Martin Cox

Hi All, We have just had a committee meeting via ‘Zoom’ virtual video. It worked so well that we have decided to hold the AGM this way on the 25th October. On the account I have, we can have up to 100 participants, so should be good. We have some new nominees for the committee so when using your votes please use them wisely. As we didn’t get a Yearly Journal this year and no breed shows, the committee decided that anybody paying their membership for 2020 will be covered for 2021.

A big thank you to Yvonne, this time for organising the ‘International Photographic Breed Show’. We called it International but unfortunately none of our overseas members entered. We must thank our very generous sponsors and judges, Brian Perry, Dennis Brinicombe, Goat Nutrition Ltd, Home Farm Supplies and the Nitram herd. There were some pleasing entries. Take care and keep safe – Martin Cox, Chairman ANBS

I am delighted to welcome Joyce Greenslade to the Society. She has sent an article introducing herself and her goats, which I enclose below. Thank you so much. Please feel free everyone to also share your goat stories with us, also photographs would be great. - Yvonne

Hello, my name is Joyce Greenslade and I own the Devonvalley Anglo Nubian Goats. I have kept goats for many years, I fell in love with Anglo Nubians after seeing them at the Devon County Show, we spent some time chatting with Alan Butcher of the Devon Goat Society, who was manning the information table at the time, he gave us the name of a breeder who had goats for sale, so about a week later we came home with our first 2 Goats, Fourways Lavender and Fourways Pepsi.

Our aim at that time was just to have a couple of goats to give us milk for the house, like many before, we just wanted to make our own cheese and yogurt and have that wonderful fresh milk to drink, but I am sure many can identify with me when I say Goats are Addictive!

We slowly added more goats to out herd, we do not show our goats, to start with I never had the time, we were both working fulltime. We started breeding and found that kidding time was wonderful, I was born into a farming family, my father had a dairy farm, but I never lost the feeling of complete wonder when a new life is born.

We now have a herd of 12 Goats, we are a closed herd, so I sell all my kids, as we have our own billy, the wonderful Fourways Leander (I have also never lost my love for Mary Webbers Goats). I am immensely proud of my goats, a lot of our kids have gone off to start new herds in many parts of the uk, I am very lucky that I have a waiting list of people wanting our kids each year, Males and Females.

As AN’s are such good milkers over the years I have had to increase the things I make with their milk, so I have now added Cream, Butter, Kefir, Soap and Fudge to my original list, and this year, I have started offering Goat Keeping Courses, these do seem to be popular at the moment.

International Photographic Competition – Caption Winner – Katy Smith’s Awekoola Petal – SMILE!

We are really grateful to the Judges of the International Photographic Competition. Brian Perry had an unenviable task with a host of entries – especially the Goatling and Kid class. He therefore split the class. The Caption class – judged by Homestead Farm Supplies also generated a large number of entries. The Group – Non Show – judged by Goat Nutrition Limited, though not a huge entry, was interesting. Photographs will be appearing on our website, but I enclose a few for you to enjoy plus the results.

Brian placed his Champion and Reserve from Class 3

Champion - Caprabella Palace

Reserve – Hurstpier Cassia

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