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Updated: Sep 16, 2020

In Mat 2009 Hilary Matthews wrote a very good article published in the BGS Journal setting out the whys and wherefores about my importation of three Nubian kids from Holland. As all three have since passed on I thought it a good idea to let members know what I might have achieved and what I have not achieved with these goats.

Mineshop Gazania

When the three kids arrived we were in the midst of moving, so the kids went to the new house and I had to go three times a day to bottle and look after them. Not ideal!

The first winter (2008) I had one goat to mate and she had two males which went to a commercial herd. The next year (2009) both the dutch females, RM169 Mineshop Bara *1 (§165/103 † Patricaken Titus x R147 Mallow Bartsia *) and a Bara daughter were mated to the Dutch male. One male (Bedford) was retained from the Bara mating, also a female (Gazania) from Averil and a daughter from the Bara daughter. No males apart from Bedford were kept.

In 2010 Gentle Giant (registered as Imported OudewoudGT) was awarded thee BCCs under three different judges. My biggest regret is that we did not collect semen from him as he was unable to work again. He had a growth on his sheath and despite operating and chemotherapy ointment he never recovered and we had to put him down in 2011.

In May 2011 Alanis kidded to Jemaly Pickpocket, two females (Rosemary and Thyme) but unfortunately prolapsed everything the following night so she too had to be put down.

This year Averil who did not kid last year as it was too late to kid her when we finally realised that GG would not be able to function, had pregnancy toxaemia and after 10 days on a drip ans 12 days before kidding time, we decided to have her caesared - she had three males and a female (Gardenia) who was the only one to survive and unfortunately Averil died the next day.

So as it stands at the moment, I have the following direct descendants:

Gazania (Q*) who has been awarded 2 BCCs (GG x Averil)

Rosemary and Thyme Goatling daughters of Alanis x Jemaly Pickpocket

Gardenia Kid daughter of Averil x Jemaly Alexanders

Geranium Kid daughter of Gazania x Jemaly Alexanders

Of these the most interesting is Gazania as she is the only milker so far with the Dutch blood but also she is the only one with totally Dutch breeding. Am I pleased with her? Yes definitely. The pundits said we would lose the nose and end up with ironing board back. She has a beautiful head and is rather steep to her tail. What I am really pleased about is the udder which is exceedingly well attached even if the teats are somewhat long, they are quite neat.

As we has such a run of bad luck with the original three, I decided I would go back to Oudewoude and bring in a further male and female - this time incorporate the two American males that played no partin the breeding of the original three. These two are awaiting BGD registration. The male Almas is 37.5% American combining the two Goldthwaite males. The female Chaviva is 25% American combing both Smooth Operator and Carousel's RPS Sequoia. Whereas Gentle Giant was somewhat short in the leg, Almas I feel will end up being a larger male with more presence .

I am always pleased to show anyone the goats at home and the milkers and goatlings have been to numerous shows this summer. Only time will tell but if opportunitites present themselves, I feel they should be taken as they may not later be available at a later date.

Chris Nye

Published in ANBS Newsletter Summer 2012

Copies available for purchase, contact via email anglonubianbreedsociety@gmail.com

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