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I first started keeping goats because my son, my late husband and I were all sensitive to cow's milk and their products.

My grandparents had a farm and when I was very young I had a pet cow called Daisy, little did I know then that I would become besotted with Anglo Nubian goats. I discovered that their milk was just right for yogurt, cheese and butter making. I still make yogurt three times per week.

Rearing Anglo Nubians has been a difficult challenge. Thirty-six years ago when I first started goat keeping, the Anglo Nubian did not milk anywhere near as well as they do today.

Although frustrated, I did find ways to improve this eventually.

I have kept the odd BT and BS, my favourite was Tunhill Testimony, a lovely quiet BS but eventually I went on to keep only Anglo Nubians as their milk suited me best.

In my early days, whilst living in Devon, I once crossed an Anglo Nubian with a BS male which produced Buttercup who milked very well. Later on I mated A.N. Dittany Daisy, an already good milking goat to Poplartime Illiad which produce R250 Earls Jasmin Q* BrCh. Then I realised there was no need to out cross in order to obtain winter milk as Jasmin ran through milking 6.50 kg.

With the right males I found you could improve on many things. I was delighted in 2012 and then with her half sister Earls Cleopatra Q* BrCh in 2013.

The National Breed Show is for me, a wonderful experience. To see so many Anglo Nubians together in one place gives people a chance to observe the many different blood lines on display together.

Rosemary Earl

Published in ANBS Newsletter Winter 2013

Copied available for purchase, contact via anglonubianbreedsociety@gmail.com

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