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​Welcome to The Anglo-Nubian Breed Society 

Our society is dedicated to fostering the Anglo-Nubian breed, to encourage the breeding of Anglo Nubian goats to the breed standard and to further the well-being of the Anglo-Nubian goat, especially regarding health. 

The Anglo Nubian Breed Society is affiliated with the British Goat Society. 

Ballingall Tasha
Berkham Empress

Breeder Index

Here you can find our members herd pages.

Society News

ANBS Awards 2022

Anglo Nubian Breeders Award

Bramblings Award

Mary Thomasson Award

Claycroft Award

Kaverquil Herd

R167 Willfield Destiny
Jemaly Herd - † Jemaly Arun

R201 Tyegronon Oohmy

Anglo Nubian Milker & Kid
Playing on the Tree

The highest official annual yield stands at 2531kg, from CH R253 Tyegronon Nova Q*1 BrCh.

Kaverquil Hawdon
Newcairn Apollo
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