Breed Champions

These fantastic animals have gained their Breed Championship at BGS recognised shows, competing against other Anglo Nubian Goats. 

In order for an animal to gain their Breed Championship status they have been awards the following, 

Female Goats 

5 Breed Challenge Certificates under 3 different judges and gained a minimum of 16 points in the milking competition.

Must qualify for a Star (*) or Q Star (Q*).

Male Goats

4 Breed Challenge certificates under 3 different judges.

Must have sired a daughter who has qualified for one of the following awards - Star (*), Q Star (Q*), R, RM, AR.

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Breed Champions 2021

R102 Marshvalley Aurelia Q* BrCh

Marshvalley Apollo BrCh

Ashdene Absalom 

§144/201 †Mineshop Bosun

Windsinger Tuilagi


Breed Champions 2019

R129 Boscadjack Rozel *BrCh

R146 Meiklehill Buttercup Q* BrCh

Mineshop Aaliya Q*1 BrCh

Treval Jersey *2 BrCh

R116 Willobrook Zeezee Q* BrCh

† Candlemass Watkins BrCh

§128/138 † Mineshop Aaron BrCh

§140/120 † Mineshop Chaitan BrCh


Breed Champions 2018

Mineshop Chenai Q*2

Mineshop Aanisha Q*1

Sandell Vera *1

$144/129 Abbotswell President

$128/138 † Ashdene Abraham


Breed Champions 2017

Ashdene Almond Q*1

Ivybeck Tamarind Q*8

Klimova Khadija Q*3

Mineshop Binita Q*3

RM138 Monach Lycaste Q*18

† Ballingall Karamac

† Ballingall Klive

$140/120 † Mineshop Chabela


Breed Champions 2016

Braynusen Kalamity *2

Hurstpier Romero Q*10

Kinmea Miranda *6

Mineshop Chaila Q*1

Sandell Daisydoo Q*1


Breed Champions 2015

R138 Hurstpier Clove Q*1

R128 Imported Abigaile Q8

Klimova Marija Q*1

RM166 Monach Gallanthus Q*18

R155 Nitram Selina Q*1

R114 Treval Dulcie *1

$102/201 Brooks Tydirium

Imported Almas 

Hemdun Horatio

Breed Champions 2014

Ballingall Krystal Q*2

R140 Imported Chaviva Q*

RM170 Mineshop Bellynda Q*

RM136 Windsinger Omayinka Q*6

Friarlea Cymro

Mineshop Bedford

Breed Champions 2013

Earls Cleopatra Q*

RM171 Hurstpier Moscada Q*9

Ivybeck Anise Q*7

R109 Klimova Lucia Q*3

R120 Mineshop Gazania Q*

R112 Roundswell Breezer Q*4

Roundswell Cinderella Q*3

RM148 Windsinger Calypso Q*5

Breed Champions 2012

Earls Catriona Q*1

Hemdun Patience *4

R105 Klimova Dill *

$200/147 Braynusen Samson

$149/200 † Earls Boris

$142/147 Kilbarchan Moonstrike