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Breed Champions

These goats have gained their Breed Championship at BGS recognised shows, competing against other Anglo Nubian goats. 

In order for a goat to gain their Breed Championship status they have been awarded the following:

Female Goats 

5 Breed Challenge Certificates under 3 different judges and gained a minimum of 16 points in the milking competition.

Awarded a Star (*) or Q Star (Q*) in a BGS recognised milking competition.

Male Goats

4 Breed Challenge Certificates under 3 different judges.

Must have sired a daughter who has qualified for one of the following awards - Star (*), Q Star (Q*), R, RM, AR.

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Breed Champions 2022

Ballingall Tasha *9 BrCh

RM162 Hurstpier Chive Q*2 BrCh

R110 Kaverquil Estella *2 BrCh

R146 Kinmea Elena Q*7 BrCh

Marshvalley Chamomile *BrCh

§151/101 Newcairn Apollo BrCh

Oldwood Innari Q* BrCh

Treval Duster Q*2 BrCh


Breed Champions 2021

R102 Marshvalley Aurelia Q* BrCh

Marshvalley Apollo BrCh

Ashdene Absalom BrCh

§144/201 †Mineshop Bosun BrCh

Windsinger Tuilagi BrCh


Breed Champions 2019

R129 Boscadjack Rozel *BrCh

R146 Meiklehill Buttercup Q* BrCh

Mineshop Aaliya Q*1 BrCh

Treval Jersey *2 BrCh

R116 Willobrook Zeezee Q* BrCh

† Candlemass Watkins BrCh

§128/138 † Mineshop Aaron BrCh

§140/120 † Mineshop Chaitan BrCh


Breed Champions 2018

Mineshop Chenai Q*2

Mineshop Aanisha Q*1

Sandell Vera *1

$144/129 Abbotswell President

$128/138 † Ashdene Abraham