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ANBS Awards

The Anglo Nubian Breed Society issues multiple annual awards that can be won by members of the society.  These are largely based on recognised show results and officially recorded lactation data.  Criteria and latest winners of these awards are below, and full criteria for all awards listed here.


The Anglo Nubian Breeders Award

The breeder with the highest number of average points awarded for their herd prefix during the show  year.

2022: Kaverquil Herd


The Rochford Memorial Award

Heading 3

Awarded to the member with the highest total points awarded to their herd at recognised shows in that calendar year


The Natalie Wing Award


The Bramblings Award


The Mary Thomasson Award


The Achievement Award


The Nitram


The Claycroft



Here you'll find a list & pictures of Champion Goats from 1911 - 2018

Class 2 Winner - Kaverquil Hawdon

International Photographic Competition

Pictures & results from our International Photographic Competition


Breed Champions

Here you'll find a list & pictures of Breed Champion Goats from 1922 - 2018


Breed Show

Pictures & Results from the National Breed Shows

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