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These magnificent animals has all gained their full championship at BGS recognised shows, competing against other recognised breeds.


In order for an animal to gain full championship they have to have been awarded the following,  


Female Goats

3 Challenge Certificates under 3 different judges and gained a minimum of 18 points in the milking competition.

3 Inspection Production Challenge Certificates and gained a minimum of 18 points in the milking competition. 

Must qualify for a Q star.

Males Goats 

3 Challenge Certificates under 3 different judges.

Must have sired 3 daughters who have qualified for one of the following awards - Star(*), Q Star(Q*), R, RM, AR.


Champions 2019

CH §140/120 † Mineshop Chabela BrCh

Mineshop Chabela_edited.jpg
Ashdene Almond


Champions 2018

R166 Ashdene Almond Q*1

Imported Almas


Champions 2017

Klimova Khadija Q*2

$102/201 Brooks Tydirium

Mineshop Chaviva


Champions 2015

R124 Imported Chaviva Q*


Champions 2012

Nitram Carmel Q*1

Kilbarchan Moonstrike


Champions 2011

RM154 Kilbarchan Moonmagic Q*1

RM143 Stefash Ellie Q*5

$$168/133 Spellborn Knightbird


Champions 2010

R135 Nitram Ayliesha Q*1

$$130/163 †Tyegronon Bbedouin



Champions 2009

SM CH Kilbarchan Moonraker BrCh

Kilbarchan Moonraker


Champions 2008

R188 Braynusen Bollinger Q*


Braynusen Bollinger
Holdbrook Fungus


Champions 2008

$$163/201 †Holdrook Fungus



Champions 2006

Newcairn Aramis



Champions 2001

$173/140 †Ourway Niamjaz


Ourway Niamjaz


Champions 2000

$112/138 †Jenton Jim


Tyegronon Umiak


Champions 1999

RM132 Tyegronon Umiak Q*2



Champions 1996

R128 Tipi Joplin Q*9


Tipi Joplin
Jenton Simone


Champions 1994

R145 Jenton Simone Q*



Champions 1992

R253 Tyegronon Nova Q*1


Tyegronon Nova
Poplartime Nastasia


Champions 1991

AR234 Poplartime Natasia Q*2



Champions 1987

† Kilvington Silverbirch

CR107/103 Anson Zulu